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GCH Emery's White Out x GCH Quailwood Royal Maid of Honor

Emma is a beautiful blend of Pippa and Slate. She has her mom's beautiful carriage, confidence, and quiet dignity. Of course, she is also BALL CRAZY! 

Championship photo 4/22/18
Industry, CA
We couldn't be more proud of the quick finish from this sweet, well behaved, graceful, beautiful girl. 

Emma took Winners Bitch/ Best of Winners for 4 points at Del Sur Kennel Club on 3/18/18

 Emma took Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex At San Fernando Kennel Club in Ventura

I am so proud to see what a beauty Emma has grown to be at a little over a year old. I finally got to see her in CA at the National.

Emma and her Non fur sister, Olivia

 This sweet girl stole my heart from the moment she was born. It was only fate that I actually let her go, but now she has the best home in the world.



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