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BISS GCH Emery's White Out x GCH Quailwood Royal Maid of Honor CD RN BN OD
Twitter finishes her championship with 4 majors showing in CA with the amazing handling of Janice Hayes. We are forever grateful for all you have done for our girls.

Twitter is being laid on by one of her favorite babies, Charlotte. Twitter is the baby whisperer. She loves them and they (possibly) love her more. Twitter seems to not be able to decide who she loves more...other dogs, her littermate sister Emma, adults or babies... To Twitter she couldn't love anyone or anything more. It's so fun to watch.

Twitter at 5 months and two weeks winning the Sporting Group Puppy.

The sweetest puppy in the world by far at 7 months old (I am not biased)

Twitter at the Austin dog show getting ready for her first time in the ring at a dog show at 5 months two weeks.
This is our newest very special baby. She is Bimmer's best friend in the world and Twitter will be very sad while Bimmer is out earning his championship. She is growing up to be everything that I hoped she would be.
Twitter is fiesty and sweet and.....shhhhhh the best swimmer in the house!

Twitter almost 18 months old in CA swimming in the American River



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